WILL is an all-volunteer, member-driven organization with courses and programs shaped by our members' interests and expertise.

If ongoing learning outside the traditional classroom appeals to you, then join us at WILL. Become a member and begin your journey into Life Long Learning, Silver City style. For a yearly fee of $75, members can choose as many courses as they wish to take from a wide range of offerings. Explore a topic in a single session or one extended over multiple weeks. Sessions usually last 1½ hours but can be longer.
To become a WILL member or to renew your membership, print out and complete the Membership/Travel Request form from the link below the instructions and mail or deliver in person to the WILL office:
  1. A $75.00 check made out to WILL-WNMU
  2. A completed WILL Membership form, and
  3. A completed WNMU Travel Request form. This form is completed and submitted on an annual basis and is required to be on file with WNMU before a WILL member can attend any WILL class or function.
  4. Please note that the $75 WILL membership fee is non-refundable. The membership fee may be paid by check or in cash. We are unable to accept debit or credit card payment.
WILL Members are covered by WNMU Liability Insurance during the time they are in attendance at a WILL sponsored class or function. However, members are not covered by this insurance while in transit to or from a WILL class or function. WNMU requires that each WILL member complete the WNMU Travel Request form to certify that there is an insurance policy in-force on their vehicles used to transport them to WILL classes or functions. The insurance policy must provide at least the minimum coverage as required by state regulations.
To complete the Travel Request form:
  1. Write the date on the Date: line
  2. Print your name on the Name: line
  3. Sign the (applicant) line in the Account Title and Number section
  4. Sign the line in the If Traveling by Private Automobile section
  5. [ Travel Request form PDF ]
[ Membership form PDF ]

Upon receipt of the Membership form and the Travel Request form at the WILL office, you will be notified by email that your membership is in place and that you are eligible to register for WILL courses. If you don't provide an email address, the notification will be sent to you in the mail.

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