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Lunch & Learn?
12:00 Noon to 1:00pm

WNMU, ABC Room (First Floor) of the Besse-Forward Global Resource Center (GRC)
12th Street, Silver City.
(unless otherwise noted)

FREE and Open-to-the-Public

Lunch and Learn is potpourri of learning experiences that demonstrates the "diversity university" WILL has become.

Bring a friend, a "brown bag" lunch and an inquisitive mind. Be ready to enjoy a new learning experience every week.
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WNMU, Global Resource Center, ABC Room (first floor)
(unless otherwise noted in the event description)
WEDNESDAYS, 12 NOON to 1:00 p.m.

FREE and Open-to-the-Public.


SLOW DOWN, YOU MOVE TOO FAST: Or, What you can see when you hike if you slow down and look!
Hiking is one of our most popular activities in the Gila; there are as many favorite trails as there are hikers. Many folks hike for the exercise, moving at a mile-eating clip, returning home feeling energized. However, ambling along at a slower pace provides an opportunity to soak in your surroundings. There's so much to notice when you go slow: birds calling for mates in spring and raising young through the summer; plants as they emerge, flower and fade into fall; and the evidence of fellow creatures as they move through the landscape, leaving behind tracks, scrapes, scat. Join four expert amblers/observers. Karen Beckenbach will talk about the birds that abound in the varied habitats where we hike. Donna Stevens will identify plants, native and otherwise, that line the trails we walk. Carol and Richard Martin will show us the tracks in the path that are so easy to miss.

Karen Beckenbach
Karen and her husband Andy moved to Silver City from Vancouver, Canada in 2008. Karen is treasurer of the Grant County Community Concert Association, Programs Chair and SC-CBC compiler for SWNMA and Co-President and Scholarship Chair of the Sew What? Club in Portal, AZ / Rodeo, NM. Karen enjoys sharing her knowledge of birds and butterflies with other enthusiasts.

Donna Stevens
Donna has been the Executive Director of Upper Gila Watershed Alliance since 2009. An amateur botanist, she's the co-author, with Jack and Martha Carter, of Common Southwestern Native Plants: An Identification Guide, now in its second edition. A native of Chicago, she has lived in Grant County since 1987.

Carol and Richard Martin
Carol and Richard moved to Silver City from San Diego, California. They are very active as Trail Angels for the Continental Divide Trail, doing trail maintenance and supporting through-hikers during the season. They are part of the only NM tracking team for Sky Island Alliance, monitoring specific sites on a regular basis and reporting on the occurrence of several key species. And, they do wildland inventory in the Gila National Forest for the NM Wilderness Alliance.
Presenters: Karen Beckenbach, Donna Stevens, Carol and Richard Martin
Location: WNMU Global Resource Center, ABC Room
When you look at any map what you see are borders, the lines that separate one place from another. We often forget that national borders are something that had to be imagined, before they where drawn on maps, and still have to be sustained by the stories that we tell. Michael will tell us some. One can easily see the distinction of continents and islands, and how the course of a great river would allow one to put a line on piece of paper that says this is one place and this another. You must know something of the topography, to use the great mountain ranges, the deserts, and canyons that are difficult for us to cross to delineate an edge. The ecological systems have both a territory that is within and without, and we know world changes when sage transitions to grass, a forest settles into a swamp or tundra becomes an unending sheet of ice.

Michael Berman
Michael Berman lives in the Mimbres valley in Southwest New Mexico. He received a 2008 Guggenheim Fellowship in photography to photograph the grasslands of the Chihuahuan Desert. He has received Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts New Mexico, and painting fellowships from the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the Wurlitzer Foundation. His installations, photographs and paintings have been reviewed in Art in America and exhibited throughout the country. In 2012 the Museum of New Mexico Press published "Gila", Mr. Berman's fourth book on the borderlands of Mexico and the United States. He is currently working on a book in the Sierra San Luis, a place where the Sierra Madres, Rocky Mountains, and Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts converge.
Presenter: Michael Berman
Location: WNMU Global Resource Center, ABC Room
DON'T BE HUMPTY DUMPTY: Learn To Fall Safely And With Grace
The class will teach you how to be supple; learn how to fall properly (if a fall is eminent!); learn how to move healthily. The facilitators will share what they have learned over many decades about the benefits derived from martial arts. The class will provide examples of how to fall safely and with grace. Many potentially disastrous falls can be avoided. Overall healthy suppleness of the body and mind can have great benefits.

Hiram Lewis
I am a certified instructor of Hapkito but by no means an expert in the Martial Arts. I have an MFA in Fine Arts although I am not an expert in Painting. I have an MA in writing but I am not an expert in writing. I do not trust experts. They usually want money. I started Martial Arts at the age of 40. I wished to be able to pick up the child we were adopting. I started with Karate, but soon found that the instructor was more suited for teaching younger people without the failing bodies of the 40 plus. I finally and luckily found a school that encouraged safe healthy non-competitive practice. I have been teaching Taekwondo and then Hapkido for more than 25 years. My co-facilitator for this talk is James Fitzgerald. He keeps me honest and lends some levity to the class. James has been practicing for five years and is a 1st degree Black belt.
Presenter: Hiram Lewis - Hapkido master instructor
Location: WNMU Global Resource Center, ABC Room
AP U.S. HISTORY: Should It Really be so Controversial?
The College Board's recent redesign of the AP U.S. History curriculum has caused students in Colorado to walk out of school in protest to protect the new curriculum, politicians in Oklahoma, Texas, and several other states to promote policies that would ban the curriculum, and presidential candidate Ben Carson to declare that people finishing the curriculum "would be ready to go sign up for ISIS." Jim Smith, who has taught AP U.S. History for twenty-five years and worked as a consultant for the College Board for seventeen years, will use this Lunch and Learn presentation to provide an objective overview of the controversy. With insight gleaned from his professional experience, as well as his meeting with members of the Texas State Board of Education regarding the new curriculum, Jim will help provide answers to the following questions: Why did the College Board redesign the curriculum? What elements of the redesign have caused so much controversy? What are the most current developments in the controversy?

Jim Smith
Jim Smith is a former high school history teacher who has been recognized as the New Mexico Teacher and Finalist for the National Teachers Hall of Fame. He now works as an education consultant, writer, publisher, and teacher in lifelong learning programs. As a consultant, he has made presentations and trained teachers throughout the United States, as well as in Europe and Asia. He is the author of numerous articles and three books - Catherine's Son, Skipper Hall, and Ideas That Shape a Nation, a U.S. history textbook that has been endorsed by numerous teachers and scholars, including two Pulitzer Prize-winning historians. In the fall of 2014, Jim taught a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for Rice University that trained over 6,700 teachers from 148 nations in the art of teaching history.
Presenter: Jim Smith
Location: WNMU Global Resource Center, ABC Room
Firewise is a project of the National Fire Protection Association. The Program teaches residents about the hazards of wildfire, and how they can put simple, smart practices into play around their homes, and encourage neighbors to work together to help prepare for and reduce the risk of home destruction due to wildfires. Wind Canyon is the first Nationally- recognized Firewise community in Grant County, having earned their certification in 2014. During the presentation, Nick and Carol will describe the process and activities.

Carol Pickering
Carol and husband Tom moved to Silver City from Salt Lake City in 2006. Living in the WUI (Wildland Urban Interface) was a foreign concept to people who had lived in a big city their whole lives. Less than a year later, Carol joined the Tyrone Volunteer Fire Dept. and was actively involved in the formation of the Wind Canyon Fire Station. "When we first moved to New Mexico, we looked out at our 10 acres of grass and brush and saw serenity. After a fire on the next ridge over from our partially built home, that grass and brush became FUEL in a continual fight against wildfire. How quickly our views changed when we realized that, for the first time in our lives, WE were responsible for our own fire safety." As a proactive Firewise coordinator, Carol enthusiastically shares the Wind Canyon experiences with everyone who will listen.

Nick Sussillo
Nick moved to Silver City in 2008 from Maryland. He became passionate about fire safety and prevention after watching the Quail Ridge fire sweep through the southern edge of Silver City. Since then, he's been involved with the Town's Fire Department, several Volunteer Fire Departments, the Grant County Fire Management office, NM Department of and the US Forest Service in a number of fire-prevention-related activities. That led him to support the community of Wind Canyon in working toward certification as a Firewise Community.
Presenter: Carol Pickering and Nick Sussillo
Location: WNMU Global Resource Center, ABC Room
ARE YOU A SENIOR YET? Resources For Those Who Are Growing Older
Are you a Senior yet? What age is that? It's not a matter of retiring or dropping-out. Rather, it's a matter of continuing to learn, sharing information, and asking questions about topics such as 1) Medicare A, B, C and D; 2) respite for caregivers; and 3) what senior services have been lost to our community, need improving or just plain don't exist. Come and stimulate the discussion.

Connie A. Hostetler
Connie Hostetler is a retired high school teacher/guidance counselor. Since moving to Silver City in 2000, her activities have included: Senior Concerns Coordinator for the Grant County Community Health Council, volunteer for the Medication Assistance Program (MAP) and the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP), The Volunteer Center Board and the Silver Adult Care Services (SACS) Board. She will be joined by Stephanie Lazarin, Southwest SHIP Coordinator in Las Cruces, NM Aging and Long Term Services Department, State Health Insurance Program.
Presenter: Connie A. Hostetler
Location: WNMU Global Resource Center, ABC Room